An Introduction...

Welcome to Starlight Costumes, I hope you enjoy your visit.

I have been interested in theatrical costumes since childhood and learned to sew at a very early age. I design and make historical costumes, dance and theatrical costumes, fancy dress, prom dresses and bridesmaid gowns.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Victorian costume

My Victorian outfit is finished ready for the Dickensian Christmas Fair at the weekend...I'm quite looking forward to dressing up! The costume is in three parts, a full skirt with slight train on the back, over skirt of an apron front with bustle back and a fitted jacket. I used some tartan style cotton fabric for the main costume which was left over from another project (there was just enough if I wasn't fussy about the nap)....and the contrast on the jacket is dark blue dupion (again, a left over piece from another project). I'm really pleased with the result....especially as I didn't have to buy extra fabric to make it!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Jane Austen Style Dress

Another Jane Austen style dress completed...these dresses are

lovely to make and quite beautiful in their simplicity when finished.

I'm planning to try a couple of variations to this style...when I have

finished the rounds of craft fairs for this year....and completed all of the cast costumes for 'Alice in Wonderland'...and finished my list of alterations...and completed my doll orders...busy,busy,busy!

Friday, 14 October 2011

...And we're off to see the wizard...again

The Dorothy outfit is proving extremely popular for halloween this year...I'm now making them in childrens can find out more by visiting my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

We're off to see the wizard...

This custom make Dorothy outfit was requested for a halloween party, hence the black and white theme.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Halloween Cutie...

It's amazing what can be created from left over fabrics...this cute little witches dress is now in my Etsy shop...or you can buy direct from me if you prefer.

Going, going, gone...

Just sold this beautiful Jane Austen inspired regency dress on Ebay, so this style is now available as a custom can choose your colours/fabrics...just contact me for details.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My new adverts are now ready for printing...then the really hard work begins as I will be distributing them myself!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I love period dramas...the Jane Austen ones are my favourites and I've been wanting to make some dresses in this style for ages. This is my first (hopefully I'll get to do more as I really enjoyed making this one), it's typical regency style and it's now available from my ETSY shop!

Lyrical dress

I had a lot of chiffon fabric pieces left over from some
ballroom dresses so I have put them to use in this
gorgeous lyrical dress. They were already almost the right shape, so it didn't take much time to trim them and edge them and add the simple style lycra bodice. This multi toned chiffon looks beautiful when it moves, there are 21 panels in three layers, the top two layers are open panels, the bottom layer is sewn into a skirt.
You can find this dress in my Folksy shop.

So it begins....

Well, I'm finally down to my last week at work...and then the really hard work begins...actually it's not hard...just scary. I just hope I can get enough work to keep me going, I don't want to be rich (though that would be nice), but I don't want to be quite so poor either, just busy enough to stay happy! I already have a few projects on the go with a couple of craft fairs in November and a batch of show costumes to do..and of course I'll be filling my Folksy and Etsy shops too.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Find me on Folksy

Starlight Costumes now has it's own Folksy Shop...I will be adding lots of costumes, dance wear, fancy dress and much more over the coming months so please pop in and have a browse...just click on the banner above to see what's currently available.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I have now started adding costume listings in my Etsy Shop...follow the link on the right to find me at Aunt Pollys Doll Emporium...

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Tutu Many....

These tutu skirts were made for a stage production and used for all of 30 seconds of a dance routine! They are now available for sale as I am running out of space to store everything...there are different sizes and colours available, you can find them on EBAY or contact me for more details.

Monday, 25 July 2011

The finished dress...

...And here is the finished result, it turned out quite well considering she changed her mind on the style several times after I had started it and then pointed out she was doing me a favour as I would come across much more difficult customers than her, HA I don't think so!

The first one...

My first try at some designs, I used traceable figure templates as I'm much better at sewing than drawing, but they turned out ok for my first ones. They are painted in watercolours (my favourite medium).

This was a 'freebie' for daughter, she wanted a salsa type dress for a party and I wanted to give the pattern software a try!

Pattern software...

I wanted to try out pattern software as it saves vast amounts of time when planning the costumes. I managed to persuade hubby that a pattern software disc was a really good idea for a birthday present...and I must say I'm fairly impressed. I chose Pattern Master by Wild Ginger ( and so far I have the occasions and childrens discs. You do need a reasonable amount of sewing experience to use them, but I would definitely recommend them.

Sunday, 24 July 2011


I had my business cards printed at Vistaprint, I originally used their 'free' offer (though the postage is quite expensive) and was really disappointed with the quality so I decided 'what you get is what you pay for' and had another go with reasonably priced ones and they turned out quite well, they are printed on the back to double up as appointment cards.

I also needed something to put in local shop windows etc so I bought a basic template download and just added the wording myself, that way I can print off what I need and change the wording when required. I tend to print them at A5 size as many places don't like them any larger.

Creating a workspace...

My workspace is my daughter's old bedroom, it's not very big so I've used deep bookshelves with baskets on it to store my fabrics etc, I have an old desk which houses my sewing machine and overlocker (I have dreams of a lovely new Horn sewing cabinet...if you've never seen them you don't know what you're missing!), lots of shelves on the walls, a dress rail (which is already full to bursting) and lots of antique fashion prints (a real source of inspiration). Add to that a few tailors dummies in various sizes and I'm ready to go....

Making a start...

Luckily I'm quite well set up for sewing machines, I have a fabulous Janome computerised machine with 60 different stitches (haven't used half of them so far), this is my 'all rounder' machine, it can tackle any fabrics. I also have an overlocker which is brilliant for finishing and for stretch fabrics, my back up machine is a basic singer which is a proper little workhorse and kept so that I can keep sewing if my Janome is out of action. Finally I have an old manual singer sewing machine, this is the machine I learned to sew on at 7 years old, it belonged to my Grandma and was past on to me after her's a treasured friend and I could never part with it...besides it means I can still sew during a power cut!

How it all began...

For a long time I have harboured a dream of becoming a professional costume maker...and after many years of toying with the idea (and making loads of 'freebies') I am finally ready to make a real start...I had originally planned to go down the route of college followed by university, but after the college stage and having a family that needs supporting, I found myself working and putting my dreams on hold.

Now with my daughter grown up and settled and my son soon to be at university (and my work not being of the fulfilling type) it feels like my turn!